Our Past Tax-Free P3 Projects

Private funding meets public need. And everyone benefits.

Our job is to find ways to make difficult-to-finance projects “do-able.” The types of partners and projects CFP3 can handle covers a broad range.

At Community Facility Public Private Partnerships, we believe in helping organizations of all kinds bring their vision into reality, especially if it serves a common good. If you wish to learn more about tax-exempt P3 financing, we are happy to help you explore your available options. We work with public partners and organizations of all kinds.

Types of Public Partners

School districts
Colleges and Universities
Public agencies or organizations
Government entities
Charitable organizations

We serve the public’s interests by providing 501(c)(3) financing of public buildings and community facilities. Our past P3 projects, funded primarily with low-cost bond financing, include several public facilities serving various needs of local communities. We’ve helped finance public facilities, such as new city halls, fire stations, police stations, as well as community facilities, including recreational centers, libraries, and more. The list below is not comprehensive, but it gives you a clear idea of highly diverse types of projects we can help make a reality.

Types of Projects

City Halls
County Courthouses
Jails and Penitentiaries
Police Stations
Fire Stations
Water Treatment Plants
Energy Plants
Parking facilities
Convention Centers
Sports Facilities
Energy centers
Educational facilities
Administrative facilities
Community public facilities

Let us help your organizations accomplish real public good without having to deal with all of the red tape involved with a project funded through traditional Government Obligation (GO) approach. Let Community Facility Public Private Partnerships assume some of the risk, provide low-cost financing, and deliver your social infrastructure projects faster than you can on your own. Contact us today to discuss your plans or view our portfolio of past work here.

Composite image of public facilities