What We Do

Combining tax-exempt debt with private development know-how to get your public project done.

CFP3 develops public-private partnerships that offer innovative financing solutions for often cash-strapped communities looking to construct new buildings or renovate existing ones, from city halls and fire stations to libraries and recreational centers and beyond. Learn more about city facility financing using public-private partnerships below.

The primary advantage of CFP3 is that, as a tax-exempt 501(c) (3) nonprofit, we can combine low-cost bond financing with efficient, ready-to-deploy private development that can save you time and money.  Unlike funding processes using general obligation bonds, we don’t get bogged down with public procurement procedures, countless public hearings, and referendums.

Depending on the situation, we may acquire land, build, develop, own, lease, or improve a facility. Plus, we can acquire, mortgage, finance, and refinance facilities as well—using our debt, not the public entity’s debt –to make these projects happen.  We own the property when it is built. The public entity leases it and has the option to operate it. When the bonds are paid off, we donate the facility back to the public entity.

Plus, because we’re not incentivized to earn a profit margin, our fees are substantially less than other private development options that require a 15-20% return on investment. If you’re looking for an affordable means of bringing future infrastructure plans to fruition, financing city facilities via a public-private partnership with Community Facility Public Private Partnerships can help!